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What kind of maintenance equipment should you opt for between mobile column lifts, a fixed lift and a workshop pit?

The choice of your hgv equipment is particularly important. To make a profitable investment and increase the productivity of your heavy duty workshop, it’s suitable to prepare your purchase.

The choice of your equipment will depend on what you would like to do in your lgv garage and the traditional kind of maintenance operations you do on your vehicles. No matter the equipment, you should anticipate the constraints of the use, the financial cost during its life span and the security of mechanics.

For this reason, our team has prepared the following chart to simplify your choice with all essential decision criteria. This recap chart enables you to compare the three main maintenance and lifting equipment on the market: mobile column lifts, fixed lifts and workshop pits.


Mobile columns Fixed lifts Workshop pits
Practical criteria
Installation of the equipment without civil engineering in the workshop. ++ – –
Possibility to move the equipment in the workshop (even outside). ++ – – – –
Low frequency of use (+/- 1 use per day). + + ++
High frequency of use (5 uses per day). + ++
Quick training to use the equipment. + + +
Simple and intuitive commissioning for the machine operator. + + +
Quick commissioning. = + ++
Adaptability to the length of vehicles and to the space between their axletrees. ++
Access to all components of the undercarriage (lateral mechanisms included). ++
Adjustable working height (by controlling the height of the vehicle). ++ ++ – –
Multiple simultaneous interventions possible (possibility to work under different vehicles at the same time). ++ – – – –
Economic criteria
Low cost to acquire the equipment. ++ – –
Dominion of the maintenance cost of the equipment. + = ++
If the company moves, the equipment can be moved easily. ++ – –
Safety criteria
Security for the mechanic during the use. ++ ++ – –
No obstacles on the ground. + – –
Help to prevent musculoskeletal disorders. ++ ++ – –


Within every lifting methods, different technologies exist. Thus, for mobile column lifts, two main tendencies cohabit: hydraulic and mechanical technology.

To take advantage of your investment, SEFAC advice to use your mobile lifts with other products and accessories of our range, like our stands and trestles, hydropneumatic jacks, hydraulic wheel dollies, platform lifts…

Do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is available to answer any questions about our hgv garage equipment!