PMZ mobile column lift

The PMZ 4 16 082 column lift

The PMZ 4 16 082 column is principally intended for specialists maintaining agricultural or site vehicles. With a capacity of 8.2 tonnes but fitted with wide forks, these columns are designed for lifting vehicles with oversize tyres.

The PMZ 4 16 082 column lift avoids risks

The forks and particularly the footprint of the columns are wider than traditional columns thus permitting an optimum grasp of the tyres, thus avoiding any risk of using columns that are not physically dimensioned for oversize tyres.

Used as a set, i.e. a minimum of 4 columns, they permit easy access to the underside of a vehicle for maintenance operations.

Typically, because of the specific nature of the vehicles that they are intended for, these columns are suited to customers possessing their own maintenance centre.

Tractor lifted by SEFAC mobile column lifts
Airport engine lifted by SEFAC mobile columns
Manitou - Ancenis - France
FeatureColumn lift
PMZ 4 16 082
Capacity per column t8.2
Operating modeSingle
ControlPush button + Pendant
Touch screenNO
Tire size mm1 150 to 1 486
Lifting speed Up mm/min680
Lifting height mm1 820
Dimensions l (mm)
L (mm)
h (mm)
1 250
x 1 100
x 2 535
Leg height mm140
Net weight per column kg415
Motor power kW2.9
Dust water protection levelIP55