Lifting table

The DFH 6216 lifting table

The DFH 6216 lifting table has a capacity of 1.5 tonne and is the ideal equipment for those seeking entirely power assisted operation (rapid approach to the load thanks to its pneumatic assistance, mechanical lifting of the load, and rapid descent of the table even with no load).

The lifting table – a precious auxiliary

Complementary to mobile column lifts, lifting tables are particularly useful for all operations requiring the descent of heavy components (e.g. air bag suspension, radiator, axle, etc.) to remove them and permit maintenance. Its movement in the workshop, even when loaded, is easy thanks to large diameter wheels (200 mm). For even greater safety, the DFH 6216 also has a stop mechanism to lock the table in its position and allow the operative to work in full safety and comfort.

Lifting table DF. 6216
Road lifting table
Road lifting table
FeaturePlatform lift DFH 6216
Capacity t1.5
Plate dim. mm1 600 x 800
Max. height mm1 400
Min. height mm400
Gap with ground mm50
Overall dim. mm800 x 2 070
Weight kg292