Transmission jack DF. 6115

The DFA 6115 platform lift

The DFA 6115 platform lift has a capacity of 1.5 tonne and enables the user to save time by its empty raising mechanism (empty raising at the press of the “quick approach” button). The SEFAC DFA 6115 allows you to raise and lower heavy vehicle transmission components from vehicles usually lifted by mobile column lifts. Its dimensions mean it’s only suitable for the largest inspection pits in maintenance workshops.

 The transfer platform lift – ergonomic with its orientable platform

The DF. 6115 permits ergonomic work on transmission components thanks to its multi-directional orientable platform. This transmission lift has 2 handgrips allowing it to be easily moved.

Transmission jack DF. 6115
Bus lifted by SEFAC mobile columns
Floor jacks for a use in addition to a lifting equipment
FeatureTransmission platform lift
DFA 6115*
Capacity t1.5
Min. height mm1 000
Max. height mm2 020
Stroke mm1 020
1st piston diam. mm50
2nd piston diam. mm80
Wheels diam. mm200
Swivel head mm480 x 850
Length mm1 250
Width mm850
Weight kg175
ControlManual + Oleopneumatic

For more safety:

  • Overload limit
  • Safety valve
  • Down: “Deadman” position


*DF. 6115:
Multi-directional swivel head:

  • Longitudinal inclination: 10°
  • Transversal inclination: 10°
  • Longitudinal displacement: 110 mm
  • Transversal displacement: 200 mm
  • Capacity: 1500 Kg in each position
  • 2-speed pump
  • 2 swivel wheels with latches and 2 fixed wheels with large diameter (200 mm) for more manoeuvrability
  • Swivel head delivered with 2 industrial straps.

Pneumatic approach COZ 6443

Pneumatic approach

Ref : COZ 6443

This option enables you to approach mechanical assemblies or vehicles quickier.

Swivel head COZ 671

Swivel heads

Ref : COZ 671 / 6160

Feature COZ 671 COZ 6160
Capacity t 0.8 1.5
Length mm 500 500
Width mm 400 400
Longitudinal inclination degrees 23 25
Transversal inclination degrees 23 25
Diam. assembling
mm 30 30

*: Assembling receptacle on demand