Vehicle jack CBH 6720

The CBH 6720 jacking beams

The CBH 6720 jacking beam has a capacity of 20 tonnes and a stroke of 200 mm.

Versatility thanks to its 2 lifting jacks

The CBH 6720 is equipped with two jacks for separate or simultaneous use. This permits raising one or both sides of a HGV. With its telescopic beam, the CBH 6720 easily adjusts to crane tracks or the inspection pit of your HGV garage. With a lifting capacity of twice 10 tonnes, the CBH 6720 permits an operative to raise vehicles with low ground clearance (bus or coach) in order to work on tyres.

Vehicle jack in use
Vehicle jack CBH 6720
FeatureCBH 6720 *
Capacity t20
Min. widthmm590
Max. width mm1 150
Min. pit depth mm-
Stroke mm200
Weight kg202
Min. distance between jacks mm200
Max. distance between jacks mm898

*: CBH 6710, CBH 6712, CBH 6716 and CBH 6720 are composed of double jacks for more stability, efficacity and safety.

  • Telescopic frame for a sure and easy fitting to the pit’s or lifting equipment’s rail tracks;
  • Possibilty to use jacks in a single or pair mode enabling the lifting up of one side or both sides of the vehicle (Max. 10 t per jack);
  • Equipment delivered as an option with 2 different kinds of plates (in “V” and “U” form) and 2 kinds of enhancements (100 and 200 mm);
  • “Deadman” control;
  • Air pressure: 8 – 12 bar.

Twin-lift adaptor

Twin-lift adaptor

Ref : COZ 91143

Optional diff beam allows use of both rams to lift a vehicle at one point.
Max. capacity: 20 t

Accessories for CBH 6712 / 6716 / 6720

Accessories for CBH 6710 / 6712 / 6716 / 6720

Ref : COZ 91142

Set of accessories made of 2 different saddles and 2 extensions (100 and 200 mm).
Accurate for CBH 6710 / 6712 / 6716 / 6720