Vehicle jack CBH 6715

The CBH 6715 jacking beams

The CBH 6715 vehicle jack has a capacity of 15 tonnes and is delivered with a differential cup and a 150 mm booster. The jack moves laterally over the width of the pit, minus 260 mm. The CBH 6715 is useful to garage owners wishing to raise HGVs to slight heights.

The CBH 6715, tailor-made equipment

The chassis of the SEFAC CBH 6715 lift jack is manufactured to measure in our factory depending on the dimensions of your workshop inspection pit (maximum pit width: 1,300 mm).

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Vehicle jack CBH 6715
Vehicle jack CBH 6715
FeatureCBH 6715 **
Capacity t15
Min. widthmm800
Max. width mm1 300
Min. pit depth mm-
Stroke mm190
Weight kg100
Min. distance between jacks mm-
Max. distance between jacks mm-

**: Equipment delivered with a head for tank and an enhancement of 150 mm.

  • Frame realized according to pit’s dimensions. Maximum width for the pit: 1300 mm;
  • Lateral displacement of the jack: width of the pit minus 260 mm;
  • “Deadman” control.