Vehicle jack CBH 6712

The CBH 6712 jacking beams

The CBH 6712 vehicle jack has a capacity of 12 tonnes, fitted with two jacks. It has a stroke of 200 mm. Thanks to its telescopic structure, the CBH 6712 vehicle jack adjusts to all inspection pit widths.

Lifts one or both sides – the CBH 6712

When in use by maintenance personnel, its two jacks may be used separately or simultaneously. This permits lifting a HGV on either one or both sides. Thanks to this vehicle jack, you can slightly raise a vehicle to carry out operations on tyres.

Vehicle jack in use
Vehicle jack CBH 6712
FeatureCBH 6712 *
Capacity t12
Min. widthmm590
Max. width mm1 150
Min. pit depth mm-
Stroke mm200
Weight kg202
Min. distance between jacks mm200
Max. distance between jacks mm898

*: CBH 6710, CBH 6712, CBH 6716 and CBH 6720 are composed of double jacks for more stability, efficacity and safety.

  • Telescopic frame for a sure and easy fitting to the pit’s or lifting equipment’s rail tracks;
  • Possibilty to use jacks in a single or pair mode enabling the lifting up of one side or both sides of the vehicle (Max. 10 t per jack);
  • Equipment delivered as an option with 2 different kinds of plates (in “V” and “U” form) and 2 kinds of enhancements (100 and 200 mm);
  • “Deadman” control;
  • Air pressure: 8 – 12 bar.

Twin-lift adaptor

Twin-lift adaptor

Ref : COZ 91143

Optional diff beam allows use of both rams to lift a vehicle at one point.
Max. capacity: 20 t

Accessories for CBH 6712 / 6716 / 6720

Accessories for CBH 6710 / 6712 / 6716 / 6720

Ref : COZ 91142

Set of accessories made of 2 different saddles and 2 extensions (100 and 200 mm).
Accurate for CBH 6710 / 6712 / 6716 / 6720