Multipurpose jack (vehicle and transmission jack) CB. 6514

The CBH 6514 multipurpose pit side jack

The CBH 6514 pit side jack has a capacity of 14 tonnes and is designed for those wanting to carry out maintenance above the workshop inspection pit. This multipurpose type jack permits the raising of a vehicle by several centimetres and the removal of transmission from a vehicle.

The CBH 6514 multipurpose type pit side jack offers easy movement

This jack cradle is generally custom-welded to the exact measurements of your inspection pit. It has 4 needle-bearing roller wheels also tailor-made for smooth movement along the pit side tracks. In addition, it’s equipped with 4 small roller wheels allowing its lateral movement.  Similar to the CBA 6514, the CBH 6514 allows a rapid approach to the load and a rapid descent even if there is no load. Furthermore, the raising of the load or the vehicle is automated.

Vehicle and transmission pit jack CB. 6514
FeatureCBH 6514*
Capacity t14
Min. height mm-
Max. height mm-
Stroke mm1 200
1st piston diam. mm115
2nd piston diam. mm70
Pit edge roller wheels diam. mm80
Pit edge roller wheels width mm65
Wheels diam. mm-
Length mm-
Width mm-
Weight kg180

For more safety:

  • Overload limit
  • Safety valve
  • Down: “Deadman” position


*Pit side jack:

  • Delivered with a carrying plate.

Carriage displacement: 4 roller bearings

10 tons cross beam COZ 6440

10 tons cross beam

Ref : COZ 6440

Beam with 2 sliding supports.
Capacity: 10 t

Set of 2 flat saddles

Set of 2 flat saddles

Ref : COZ 6442

Set of 2 flat saddles for COZ 6440

Set of 2 flat saddles


Ref : COZ 6441

Set of spacers for COZ 6442 enabling to increase the height of jacking up.
Set made of 3 pairs of 80, 200 et 300 mm.

Swivel head COZ 671

Swivel heads

Ref : COZ 671 / 6160

Feature COZ 671 COZ 6160
Capacity t 0.8 1.5
Length mm 500 500
Width mm 400 400
Longitudinal inclination degrees 23 25
Transversal inclination degrees 23 25
Diam. assembling
mm 30 30

*: Assembling receptacle on demand

Oleopneumatic version

Oleopneumatic version

Ref : CBH 6515

In a completely automatic way, the oleopneumatic version enables a quick approach and the lifting of charges and also a quick going down of the pit jack in charge or empty.