Multipurpose jack (vehicle and transmission jack) CB. 6514

The CBA 6514 multipurpose pit side jack

The CBA 6514 multipurpose pit jack has a capacity of 14 tonnes. It permits a rapid approach to the load to lift, as well as a rapid descent of the jack even if there is no load. Used in HGV garages, the CBA 6514 is specifically designed for the users of inspection pits. This jack permits a slight raising of a vehicle by its axle and the removal of mechanical part provided that the pit is wide enough and that this mechanical part can descend to the level of the jack cradle.

The 6514 multipurpose pit side jack – custom built equipment

The 6514 jack is generally tailor-made to suit the dimensions of your inspection pit. Its cradle is equipped with 4 roller wheels to ensure movement along its tracks. In addition to this longitudinal movement, it has 4 other smaller roller wheels allowing lateral movement across the pit.

Vehicle and transmission pit jack CB. 6514
FeatureCBA 6514*
Capacity t14
Min. height mm-
Max. height mm-
Stroke mm1 200
1st piston diam. mm115
2nd piston diam. mm70
Pit edge roller wheels diam. mm80
Pit edge roller wheels width mm65
Wheels diam. mm-
Length mm-
Width mm-
Weight kg180
PumpManual + Oleo-pneumatic

For more safety:

  • Overload limit
  • Safety valve
  • Down: “Deadman” position


*Pit side jack:

  • Delivered with a carrying plate.

Carriage displacement: 4 roller bearings

10 tons cross beam COZ 6440

10 tons cross beam

Ref : COZ 6440

Beam with 2 sliding supports.
Capacity: 10 t

Set of 2 flat saddles

Set of 2 flat saddles

Ref : COZ 6442

Set of 2 flat saddles for COZ 6440

Set of 2 flat saddles


Ref : COZ 6441

Set of spacers for COZ 6442 enabling to increase the height of jacking up.
Set made of 3 pairs of 80, 200 et 300 mm.

Pneumatic approach COZ 6443

Pneumatic approach

Ref : COZ 6443

This option enables you to approach mechanical assemblies or vehicles quickier.

Swivel head COZ 671

Swivel heads

Ref : COZ 671 / 6160

Feature COZ 671 COZ 6160
Capacity t 0.8 1.5
Length mm 500 500
Width mm 400 400
Longitudinal inclination degrees 23 25
Transversal inclination degrees 23 25
Diam. assembling
mm 30 30

*: Assembling receptacle on demand