Stand TBP 530R

TBP 530R support stand

The SEFAC TBP 530R support stand forms part of the high range. Its movement inside the workshop is facilitated thanks both to wheels and a handgrip.

A HGV support stand

With a unit capacity of 15 tonnes, it’s designed for maintaining heavy goods vehicles in a high position (1 295 – 1 995 mm).

Whatever the evenness of your garage floor, its 3 feet guarantees stability.

An ergonomic support stand

The TBP 530R support stand is also fitted with an internal spring mechanism that considerably eases height adjustment and the choice of the slide pin position. Thus a single operative can adjust the stand. This spring also reduces any risk of pinching or crushing fingers if the slide falls when placing it in position.

Lastly, this support stand is fitted with an adjustable head, its screw providing a travel of 150 mm for precise adjustment and locking at the desired height. From an ergonomic viewpoint, this adjustable head provides additional ease of use.

A support stand is indispensable for providing safety

For safety reasons, the use of stands are strongly recommended in addition to hydraulic lifting equipment. Hydraulic column lifts present a risk of slow leaks.

NOTE: electromechanical systems (such as SEFAC column lifts) do not suffer from the risk of accidental descent.

Stand TBP 530R
Stand TBP 530R
Stand TBP 530R
TBP 530R*
Capacity t15
Min. height mm1 295
Max. height mm1 995
Width mm-
Stroke mm700
Weight kg54

* : The stand TBP 530R is spring loaded assisted for easier use and screw type top for accurate adjustment (stroke: 150 mm, diam.: 190 mm).