Stand TBE 527

TBE 527 support stand

Characteristics of the support stand

The SEFAC TBE 527 support stand forms part of the high support stand range. Thus it’s possible to comfortably work beneath a vehicle, reducing any risks of musculoskeletal disorders. With a unit capacity of 6 tonnes, it’s designed to safely support the lighter vehicles in your fleet (bus, coach) in a high position (1 130 – 1 845 mm). The TBE 527 support stand is equipped with wheels to facilitate its movement in the workshop.

Support stands, practical ancillary equipment

Used in addition to column lifts, support stands allow the use of mobile column lifts on another vehicle and thus can double your lifting capacity. They also permit the removal of one or more wheels on a hoisted vehicle.

Stand TBE 527
TBE 527
Capacity t6
Min. height mm1 130
Max. height mm1 845
Width mm-
Stroke mm715
Weight kg58