Trestle TAE 511

TAE 511 trestle

Trestles are favoured over support stands in such applications where a larger contact surface area is required (365 mm). (E.g. tracked vehicles, semi-trailers, etc.)

Technical characteristics of the trestle

The SEFAC TAE 511 trestle has a capacity of 14 tonnes, it permits holding a vehicle in a low raised position (320 – 470 mm).

The wide trestle surface facilitate its use by an operative. Thanks to this large surface area its positioning under a vehicle is faster.

Trestles render the operative’s workplace safer since hydraulic lifting devices present the risk of leaks.

Trestle TAE 511
TAE 511
Capacity t14
Min. height mm320
Max. height mm470
Width mm365
Stroke mm150
Weight kg19