Trestle TAE 515

Support trestle TAE 515

Offering an even wider support surface than a single point stand, this trestle is intended for applications requiring wide surface contact area (690 mm).

High support trestles, practical safety equipment

The TAE 515 belongs to the high trestle range. It provides ergonomics in the workplace, limiting the risk of musculoskeletal disorders. This is an advantage widely cited in feedback from our customer’s garages.

Technical characteristics of the TAE 515 support trestle

With a unit capacity of 14 tonnes, it’s designed to maintain heavy goods vehicles in a high position (1 300 – 1 850 mm).

The TAE 515 support trestle is equipped with wheels to facilitate moving it around the workshop.

It provides 12 height adjustment positions, i.e. one every 45 mm.

Trestle TAE 515
TAE 515
Capacity t14
Min. height mm1 300
Max. height mm1 850
Width mm690
Stroke mm550
Weight kg70