KAR platform lift

Semi-scissor lift

Heavy duty electro-hydraulic lift with vertical lifting, no baseframe, clear access between platforms and unobstructed access from side to side. Ideal for maintenance of HGVs, coaches and buses up to 35 tonnes. The platforms are strongly built and offer great stability, safe operation and constant reliability.

Bordeaux - France
Semi-scissor lift for heavy duty vehicles
Forklifter lifted by a KAR 350
KAR platform lift
Maisonneuve - France

Main features:

  • Lifting time: 70 s;
  • Maximum freedom of movement for the operator and wheeled accessories while working around the lift because of the particular structure of the legs and of the lift design, as well as no baseframe between the legs;
  • No mechanical connection between runways;
  • Non-slip finish on all platform surfaces for maximum safety in all lifting/lowering operations;
  • This particular lift structure allows great stability of the platforms for all platform lengths;
  • Available for surface mount or flush mount installation;
  • Two versions: mechanical (with torsion bar, registered patent) and electronic.

Safety :

  • Mechanical lock on each lifting cylinder;
  • Burst valve on each lifting (slave and master) cylinder;
  • Qty 5 Max. overpressure valves;
  • Platform leveling control by photo sensors;
  • Audible warning when lift reaches 500 mm from its lowest position for extra safety;
  • Low voltage controls;
  • Dead man control.
FeatureKAR 250
KAR 350
Capacity t2535
Min. height mm0 (Flush mount v.)
360 (Above v.)
0 (Flush mount v.)
390 (Above v.)
Max. height mm1660 (Flush mount v.)
2020 (Above v.)
1710 (Flush mount v.)
2100 (Above v.)
Suggested width mm2 8102 910
Stroke mm1 6601 710
Lenght m9 to 159 to 15
Lifting time s7070

  • Jacking beams;
  • Light kit;
  • Pit cover plate;
  • Play detectors.