Stand for pits TDF 677

Pit side stand

The pit side stand has been developed for professionals using pits for specific maintenance operations.

This equipment makes it possible, after having first lifted up a vehicle, to maintain it on its axle while going on using ones pit floor jack or pit side jack for other maintenance operations.

Thanks to the structure of the TDF 677, your jack (pit floor jack or pit side jack) can freely go from one side of the pit side stand to another.

Stand for pits TDF 677
Pit stand TDF 677
Pit stand TDF 677
FeatureTDF 677
Capacity t13
Min. height mm275
Max. height mm675
Min. widthmm950
Max. width mm1 250
Depth mm400
Stroke mm400

The TDF 677 disposes of two independent stands.
Each stand slides sideways and can thus be moved up to 200 mm.

Product advantages:

  • suitable for all widths of pits
  • used as an essential complement to pit jacks
  • free jack in the up position


NOTA : to use this product, you should dispose of a rail track with a minimal width of 85 mm.