High pressure chassis cleaner

High pressure chassis cleaner – Châssis Clean®

Châssis Clean® is an automatic washing system, usefull for the removal of grease marks and the decontamination of industrial vehicles' chassis.

It contributes to:

  • eliminate encrustations;
  • eliminate oils, dust and grease before maintenance and repair operations;
  • decontaminate vehicles driving on contaminated or polluted ground.

Châssis Clean® is made of:

  • an oscillating nose equipped with directional jets for cleaning;
  • two rail tracks for moving the robot;
  • an interface for the cleaning cycle programming;
  • an electrical unit for supplying high pressure and warm water.

Châssis Clean® offers the following advantages:

  • better hygiene conditions for operators working under vehicles;
  • a decrease of number of accidents at work;
  • a decrease of 50% of working time for washing and maintenance operations;
  • a better quality of job.
FeatureC 180 21 12 C
C 180 21 12 F
C 200 30 26 C
C 200 30 26 F
Pressure bar180180200200
Water flow l/min21213030
Lenght m12122626
Temperature °C80/90cold80/90cold
Average cleaning time min6/86/812/1612/16
Power (Max.) kW10101515


Detergent pump

Ref : CC200

The detergent pump enables to wash more deeply your frames thanks to the combined action of high pressure water and detergent.


Freeze protection mode

Ref : CC300

Perfect for areas with cold winter. This option enables you to bleed easily your installation.


Rotojet R nose

Ref : ROT100

Thanks to the Rotojet R Nose, be more effective ! The nose is installed on a arm that has a 60° rotation movement and a lateral translation of 135°.