Centralized vacuum system NettoTram

Centralized vacuum system – NettoTram®

NettoTram® is a revolutionnary equipment, that enables to clean, by aspirating, the inside of urban passengers transport vehicles.

Centralized vacuum system NettoTram for tramway
Centralized vacuum system NettoTram in use

Generally speaking, NettoTram® is located outside the depot or the workshop (but it can also be installed inside). Two fans operated by two engines create a powerful airstream between the front and the rear doors of the vehicle.

In less than 2 minutes, NettoTram® makes it possible to clean a complete vehicle: a great result in a record time!

Length mm3 500
Width mm1 860
Width with opened door mm2 460
Height mm5 800
Power kW2 x 22
Noise level dB< 85
Compressed airbar
7 to 13
Trouble shooting assistantincluded

NettoTram® is most successful when used in conjunction with external cleaning of the vehicle. It is the ideal equipment to save time and get the maximum quality result when preparing your vehicles before carrying passengers. It will be one of the quickest return on investment that can be made in a bus/tram depot (less that 2 years!).

Clean vehicles instantly to enhance your image and your passengers’ satisfaction!