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The SEFAC ball-screw technology (also called ball bearing technology) includes a lot of benefits compared to other technologies.


SEFAC screwSEFAC optimized mechanical system

No energy loss due to friction or heat. The ball-screw allows SEFAC’s mobile lifts to operate at over 90% efficiency. Ball-screw operates using minimal power, reducing electricity costs.


A minimal mechanical wear and less maintenance for mobile column lifts

The ball-screw’s splash-proof and dirt-repellant design promises minimal mechanical wear and less maintenance.


Ball-screw system offers a lot of advantages to users

Thanks to ball-screw technology offering an excellent productivity, it is possible to combine electromechanical system and wireless technology (involving the necessity to have on-board batteries). Despite the addition of batteries, SEFAC offers once again the lightest columns of the market.


An infinite choice of lifting height to work safely

The ball-screw assembly is driven by a top motor coupled to a gear box with industrial-strength brakes. These brakes remain engaged while the lift is not in operation. In addition, a mechanical safety latch with 2.5 mm movement sensitivity prevents descent in the event of a failure (far away from +/- 50 mm traditionally offered by hydraulic columns).
Also, ball-screw mechanical technology doesn’t necessitate a vertical deployment of safety racks potentially risking to damage your vehicles (this is the case with hydraulic columns).


Ball-screw system is not influenced by weather conditions

The ball-screw system has absolutely no risk of hydraulic fluid leaks. The viscosity of hydraulic fluid that you can find in hydraulic powered lifts can be affected by low temperatures. The ball-screw is not influenced by such factors, guaranteeing smooth operation in any temperature. As they are not using hydraulic systems, SEFAC mobile columns are not reliant on weather conditions.